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Introducing Homeland Estate and Financial Services
July 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Homeland Estate and Financial Services

Homeland Estate and Financial Services offer a tax-free platform for our clients, combined with a huge range of services. We've built a reputation for excellence, and we dedicated ourselves to each client we come into contact with.

We'll help you from your first tax filing all of the way to your retirement. If you'd like to know more about our services, read on below!

  1. How to Claim - With over 567 ways to take your Social Security, it's no wonder clients turn to experienced professionals. We'll guide you through the process and ensure that you choose the best way for your situation.
  2. When to Retire - When you retire, you want to have enough money to live comfortably. We'll map out a plan to help save you money on taxes, maximize your income, and pass your assets on without huge tax bills.
  3. Deductions and Taxes - You want to keep as much money as possible come tax time. There's no reason why you should have to pay in thousands. We believe that 401ks and IRAs are the incorrect approaches, and we'll give you options to secure your finances.
  4. Life Insurance - Life insurance is constantly changing, and it's important that you stay in the know. We'll work with you to review your current plan and make any suggestions that can maximize your outcomes for your family.
  5. Insurance Analysis - Maybe you have questions or concerns about your current insurance policy. We'll break it down and explain each part of it in a way that makes sense. Also, we can help you find the best insurance plan for your lifestyle.
  6. Business Planning - A solid business plan is one way to start your business off strong. We'll help you lay out a business plan and provide ongoing monitoring. We'll also suggest changes as they arise. This way, you can concentrate on turning as much profit as possible.
  7. Seminars- We believe in educating our communities on their financial health and taxes in general. This is why we hold regular seminars that teach people how to protect, preserve, and prepare themselves for the financial realities they face.
  8. Estate Planning - When you pass away, you want your estate to go to your charities and heirs without any issues. Having a comprehensive estate plan that clearly outlines your wishes is key, and we can help formulate one for you.
  9. Guaranteed Income - If your retirement savings are tighter than you like and you can't afford to lose any of it, you could benefit from Guaranteed Income. This program protects your assets against loss, and you get a stable income.
  10. IRA Exit Strategy - For accredited investors that want to move their IRA into a Roth IRA without fear of tax consequences, talk to us. We'll help you navigate this process and ensure you keep as much of your money as possible.

These 10 services come backed by our years of industry experience and dedication to our customers. Don't try to navigate them alone. Allow our talented staff to guide you on the path to financial security.