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April 2, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Homeland Estate and Financial Services

At Homeland Estate and Financial Services, we have 16 years of experience in serving the people of Durham, NC with our financial advice. Alongside our experience and expert training, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends to assist our clients. If you’d like to know more about the near future of financial services, we’re here to keep you informed.

Changes in interest rates could influence retirement fund outcomes

If you’ve invested in bonds, you’ll already know that higher interest rates generate favorable outcomes. In 2018, a yield on the 10-year treasury note increased bond yields. This development could signal a further period of growth for the industry. This is excellent news for those who invested in bonds and later found that the economic recession of 2008 made them less dependable than they originally thought.

Millions of people migrating to lower tax states

Although this trend isn’t new, it is one that’s ongoing, and it appears to be gathering pace. Around four to five million people are moving from high tax states such as New York, New Jersey, and Illinois in favor of low-tax living. One of the more popular states for a lower tax lifestyle is Florida, where personal tax rates are considerably lower. If you’re considering moving from Durham, NC to elsewhere to save money, you may want to seek financial advice from those who can make the shift easier.

Living a healthier lifestyle now comes with financial incentives

If you have a decent life insurance policy, you may be surprised to learn that leading a healthier lifestyle now comes with financial incentives. Insurers in the United States are now unfolding pilot programs where participants can save hundreds of dollars on their premiums if they live healthier and get fitter. If you’re yet to find the right policy, this is one of our financial services you may want to try. If you later find that you can get healthy in exchange for better premiums, you’ll benefit from protecting your loved ones as well as your current finances.

Critical illness planning tools are now available

While many people prioritize life insurance as a financial service, not so many take on critical illness insurance. As the name suggests, this is the insurance that will provide you with financial protection if you find that you fall so ill you’re no longer able to meet your usual work obligations. Until recently, there was no such thing as a critical illness price comparison tool. Now that there is, does this mean you should step away from brokers? Our suggestion is to maintain your usual relationship with those who provide your financial services, as they can negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

Uninsured flood losses in Midwest states

With cyclones ravaging states throughout the Midwest, farmers throughout certain areas are facing extensive uninsured flood losses. The media has covered some of the impacts but much of it remains unreported. With the resulting decline in product, the price of grains is set to increase, forcing farmers to make up for the shortfall from elsewhere in their budget. With stored grains also ruined and uncertainty surrounding future planting activities, it’s likely that the domestic impact of grain prices will affect the market. This comes alongside foreign policies surrounding imports, resulting in anticipated price hikes.

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