Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Don’t get caught without having your affairs in order.

A Will is not an Estate Plan!

It is a wish list that can be changed by the judge when your estate goes through Probate.

  • If you want your estate protected
  • If you want your affairs to be private
  • If you want to avoid Probate
  • If you want peace of mind

You need an Estate Plan

We have the answers you are looking for.

An Estate Plan does not need to be complicated or costly.

We currently service over 450 Living Trusts in NC, SC & VA.

Let us show you how you too can be protected.

Mistakes In Estate Planning

Many people create a problem with the beneficiary arrangements that pass by designation.

  1. Bank accounts should have a POD if under will
  2. Brokerage accounts can use both POD and TOD
  3. Life insurance, deferred annuities and IRA’s should have a named beneficiary and keep them current. If a beneficiary predeceases you, change it. Don’t name your estate. Creditors are exempt from these funds when using a beneficiary.
  4. Do not name a minor as a beneficiary of any account. They can’t legally receive it. You can accomplish this by using a Trust or Custodial provision for their benefit.

Don’t establish a Revocable Trust and not fund it. It remains a Testamentary Trust and all assets must go through probate before placed in trust. Fund the trust at the time of execution

If you own out of state property, you will go through Probate in each state and cost will escalate. If you establish a trust, you can place the property in the trust and minimize your costs of probate. There may be some reasons not to do this. Ask your advisor and reason things out.

Make sure you get your ancillary documents in order. When you execute your Durable Power of Attorney, remember it cannot be used until it is recorded at the Registrar of Deeds office.

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